All good marketing programs begin — and end — with the words. In this media-saturated world, customers, consumers and corporate decision makers are more savvy than they’ve ever been. They don’t want hype. They want substance, stylishly crafted, flawlessly executed and relentlessly focused on delivering results. In that sense, we are communication architects who use all the tools of our trade — advertising, PR, media relations, audio/video production, graphic arts, multimedia applications, storytelling and good, old-fashioned elbow grease — to build brands through the creation of world-class content. At Wilson Media, we have ALL of those skills and talents under one roof…ours. 

With more than 100 years of combined media experience, the team at Wilson Media has worked with such brands as Verizon, Time Warner, Microsoft, Fox and more, with notable regional clients like 1-800-ASK-GARY, Updegraff Laser Vision and the Florida State Fair. Recently, Wilson Media helped pilot the first St. Petersburg Festival, called SPF-15, to a successful inaugural engagement. A full-service marketing communications firm, with foundational expertise in marketing and media strategy for advertising and public relations initiatives, Wilson Media provides a wide range of communication solutions for their clients.  In other words, if you’ve got a message, we’ve got a microphone that reaches the cheap seats.

Punctuated by their award-winning creative development and production, complete with in-house video and audio production and post production capabilities, Wilson Media exemplifies the role of communication architect for our clients but never without a guiding hands-on role in building or rebuilding brands. Currently employing a diverse team with multi-disciplinary offline and online marketing expertise, Wilson Media can offer unique personalized service with team principals not underlings.



What’s in a name? How does the brain process color, shape and tone? How do you want your customers to feel or think about your brand? We want to know. Developing a logo is part of branding. One part. Developing a position for your business in the minds of those who will engage with your business is what we do. Your corporate identity should serve as a synonym for your industry. If you have a product to deliver to market, branding that product is a different process than that of branding your company. The process for developing or redeveloping your brand begins with a communications audit.


Paying to present your product or service in the proper media outlet is advertising. Making sure the media outlet performs efficiently and effectively is what makes our advertising campaigns successful. Designing and developing engaging and memorable creative delivered in the proper media outlet is great advertising. Our advertising campaigns drive traffic and increase profits. Today, people want a story. Not necessarily an epic. Something honest. Something credible. How many funny television commercials have you seen? How many brands did you remember in those commercials? Funny commercials usually involve serious money and if humor eclipses the message, well, that’s not funny. Our advertising campaigns involve a 360° approach to not only understanding your advertising goals, but understanding the goal your product or service represents to your customers. For your business, whether it’s business-to-business or business-to-consumer, advertising developed by us is the result of research, strategic vision, proper media direction and brand management. Advertising is like a caboose. We are more like a locomotive.

Public Relations

You think have a story? We’ll tell you if it matters and to whom it may or may not matter. Then we’ll make sure professional storytellers tell it. With a lifetime in the media business, we know our way around a newsroom. So-called PR firms usually lack practical experience developing and delivering the news to audiences. And it usually costs just as much to do it right as it does to do it wrong. Professional public relations is the distillation of information and its subsequent delivery to proper editorial sources. You need a press release? How do you know you do? We’ve managed events that involved every television, radio, newspaper and online news media outlet with a text message. It’s not what you know it’s who you know. News producers and writers trust us to help produce their shows. We know how to create coverage. We’ll not only tell your story, we’ll make sure it’s understood.

Media Planning & Buying

So your product is developed and packaged and ready for prime time but when is the right time to reach your potential customers? Maybe your event is soon and you’re now ready to discuss a media plan. How much is television going to cost? What about cable TV? Does anyone listen to radio anymore? How about billboards? Pandora? Spotify? Oh yeah, digital and mobile advertising. You might need a lot of that. Placing your media budget online, on the air, on the street or on the go without the data, research and evaluation tools to verify your audience levels is like driving your car while wearing a blindfold. Good luck. With us, you won’t need luck because you’ll have skill. We’ve planned and negotiated and secured millions of dollars of media budgets across the state and across the country. We start with audience measuring tools and apply research and data to tell us when, where and how often viewers and listeners are tuning in. From there, we’ll connect your brand with your intended audience and create more than connectivity…we’ll create traffic.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media marketing is pertinent when doing business in the new millennium. The most powerful marketing comes from friends, family, someone you follow or someone you trust. Social media marketing doesn’t just keep your company’s name in front of potential buyers, but it also gives you the opportunity to constantly update and communicate with customers. Every opportunity you have to increase brand recognition is valuable.